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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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This is available for all plans. This is not available for legacy plans.

You can manage your tokens in zeroheight with Token Manager. This will enable you to centralize and manage design decisions directly in your documentation.

Manage tokens

You can manage your tokens in the Tokens section of your account.

Tokens section in zeroheight

Create a token set

You can import your tokens file in JSON from GitHub into zeroheight.

Note: You can only import one file from one repo at a time.

1) In the Tokens section, click Create token set

Create token set in the right corner of the Tokens section

2) Connect to your GitHub account

3) Write Token set name and Description (optional)

Add a token set name and description (optional)

4) Select the token set from the code repo you want to upload from and click Continue

Select the token set from the code repo

5) Click Finish

Click Finish to import your token set

6) You’ve successfully created a token set!

Token set imported into zeroheight account

7) You can now document your token set in your styleguide

Sync tokens

You can sync your design tokens similarly to your design uploads and markdown files.

1) Go to the Tokens section

2) Click on the token set you want to update

3) Click Sync from repo

Arrow pointing to Sync from repos function

👉 Note: You can sync your token set by syncing the entire GitHub repo from the Code repos tab in the Uploads section


Can I use the Figma Tokens plugin with the tokens manager?

We won’t be supporting Figma Tokens during this first iteration but we will be able to support them in the near future.

What if I delete my token set?

Your tokens will still be in your styleguide even if you delete your token set from the Tokens tab; however, the link to your token set in GitHub is disconnected. If you want to update your tokens in your styleguide, you must delete them and reinsert them.

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