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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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You can document your design tokens in your styleguide. This allows you to centralize everything in one tool. Once you’ve added your token set to your account, you can display it as a table or JSON format.

1) Connect to your GitHub account

2) In your styleguide page, open Design tokens from the toolbar

Design tokens function hovered over in the toolbar

3) Select Token manager

Token source examples

4) Click Add tokens

Tokens block

5) Select the tokens you want to display

Select tokens to display from pop up window

6) Your tokens are displayed in zeroheight!

Design tokens displayed in styleguide page


How many tokens set can I display?

Based on your plan, this is the number of sets you can display:

Free: 1

Starter: 3

Pro: 5

Enterprise: 10

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