Releases vs. Page versioning

Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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What's the difference between using Releases vs. Page versioning

  • Releases enable you to save and see previous versions of your styleguide. It's a snapshot of your styleguide from a certain time period. 

  • Page versioning enables you to see the edit history of styleguide pages.

When should I use a release or use page versioning?

  • Use Page versioning for change management of styleguide pages.
  • Use Releases to view overall changes to your styleguide.

When viewing a previous version, will all content block types reflect that version?

  • Content from another source (e.g., Embeds, GitHub, and Storybook) will reflect what’s in the source file (tokens, markdown, uploads). This is regardless of the version you’re viewing and restoring.
  • When viewing an old version, the annotations are not visible.
  • If you try restoring an old version of your page:
    • If a component in your design uploads block is in both the current version of your styleguide page and your previous version, the annotations will still appear if you restore the page to a previous version.
    • If the annotations are in the current version of your styleguide page but not the previous version, they will be deleted from the page. You can use the Releases feature to snapshot your annotations and add them back into your styleguide.
    • If it is not in the current version, but it is in Old Version,  the component itself would be added back to the design uploads block, but neither the numbers nor labels for annotations would be added back to the component.
  • With Figma uploads:
    • If you're viewing a previous version, you will see the state of the components at the time the version was made.
    • If you're restoring an old version, Figma components will show the latest synced version of the source file.

When viewing a previous Release, will all content block types reflect that version?

  • Most content blocks will be snapshotted except Storybook. 
  • The content embedded in the Embed block will always show whatever is currently displayed using that URL.
  • Regarding Storybook:
    • The Storybook URL (not the contents of the URL) will be saved in the snapshot when you create a release. The URL will be snapshotted whether you use the native embed or embedded iframe method.
    • If you want to have a snapshot of previous versions of Storybook, you will need to change the URL each time you create a release.

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