🧊 January 2023

Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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Access the Learning Hub and contact support from zeroheight

With the help of the Zendesk Widget, you can now find help articles and raise support issues without leaving the product.

Zendesk widget

Native Embedding for Storybook!

We just launched a new Storybook integration that should make it much easier to use zeroheight with Storybook. Connect Storybook just once in the styleguide settings. Use the new Storybook block to embed stories. And component previews are now shown in an iframe with controls on the page. Plus, when you release a new version of Storybook, update the URL once in settings vs. for each of your blocks.

Learn how to connect and display your Storybook.

Gif showing how to natively embed Storybook

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