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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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Export your Analytics data as a CSV file

Conduct further analysis of your styleguide data outside of zeroheight and in the tool of your choice by downloading analytics as a CSV file. Learn how.

Analytics page with Download CSV file option

Our Slack integration for Releases is live!

This feature is available for Professional and Enterprise plans. This is not available for legacy Professional and Enterprise plans. Want this and other premium features? Update your plan here.

Our Slack integration for Releases is now available! You can now have zeroheight post a message to a Slack channel each time you create a new release. Connect your Slack account to zeroheight, enable Release notifications for your styleguide, and create a new release to see it in action. Learn more.

Release notifications in Slack

Add alt text

Improve the accessibility of your styleguide by adding alt text. You can now provide alt textΒ for any image added to a styleguide (i.e. uploaded via the Image, Rules or Table Block). Learn how to add them.

Image with option to add alt text

Customize your status tags!

Make your workflow even clearer with customizable status tags. Previously you could select a preset status tag to assign to a page - now, you can decide what the content of that status tag says. Learn how to edit your tags.

Edit status tags


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