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Large Figma files not syncing
Huge Figma files with more than 50,000 frames may time out or be slow to load in zeroheight.
We recommend splitting your files into smaller ones to fully sync without any issues. You can learn more about organizing your Figma files in here.

I'm seeing old items in my Figma upload, despite removing them in Figma

Old versions of color or text styles may appear in your design upload sync if they are still used in your Figma files. You will need to remove the old styles and replace them with the new ones in your Figma file. In zeroheight, go to the Uploads dashboard, click on your file, and then click the remove icon next to the items you want to remove. Then resync your file.

If something is deleted in Figma, zeroheight doesn't currently remove it from the Upload. This will be fixed in the future, but for now - you can remove it manually. Go to the Uploads dashboard, click on your file, and then click the remove icon next to the items you want to remove.

Design uploads window with the trash icon circled.

zeroheight has more than just my Figma local styles

Figma currently gives us both the local and library styles used by a file (with no way for us to tell the difference). This means we have to show you all local and library styles, hence why could see more styles than just your local styles.

If the style is not part of either local or library styles it could be because an old library style is still being attached somewhere in your file. These "phantom styles" are a known issue with the Figma API.

I don't see one of my Figma styles in zeroheight

One possible problem is that the style is not being used by a layer in the file. The Figma API doesn't give us access to styles that aren't applied to a layer, so to fix this problem, try applying the style to a layer and refresh the file in zeroheight.

Figma components are stretched when inspecting

This is usually due to Figma's clip content which you will need to have turned on under the frame options for that component.

Figma file not found - Please enter a valid URL

This can be due to the Figma authentication token which needs resetting, please contact us to reset this.

It could also be due to the Figma file being set to 'Only people invited to this file' and if you're not on the list you will be unable to add this to the uploads.

The frames nested within the main frame of my Figma file are separated when they are uploaded into zeroheight.

If a folder with your inner frames is created after uploading your designs into zeroheight, this is expected behavior. We are currently working on a better way to display these instances in the design uploads panel.

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