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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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You can now sync your Figma descriptions to zeroheight, keeping all your notes up-to-date. For example, you might use this for keeping icon aliases synced and easily searchable in zeroheight:

Add aliases to help viewers search for components.
Add aliases to help viewers search for components.

Sync descriptions from Figma

1) Add a description to your component in Figma.

Description for an icon is added in Figma.

2) Sync your Figma file to zeroheight

3) In the styleguide, select the design upload block and click the cog icon to access the block settings.

4) Toggle Display descriptions from Figma

Design uploads block setting shows display descriptions from Figma function.

4) Your descriptions will display below the design uploads.

Icons in zeroheight display descriptions.

5) To update the notes you can make the changes in Figma then sync your Figma file as usual. Any changes will be reflected in zeroheight.

Update items function hovered over uploaded Figma file.


Does this display in search?

Yes, the notes are fully searchable in zeroheight.

Search query for the word sparkle shows a result with the associated icon.

Can you still use zeroheight notes?

Yes, you can use both, see below.

Icon with Figma description and zeroheight note

Can you change the size?

Yes, you can change the text size from styleguide settings.

design upload note size options found in the styleguide.

Color styles and documentation link descriptions are not syncing?

At the moment, this feature is supported with Figma components and color styles.

Can you display both anatomy diagrams and Figma descriptions?

No, if you choose to display annotations, you cannot display Figma descriptions.

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