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If you are using Sketch on new Mac computers, including versions with an M1 chip, you can only access the zeroheight plugin from the Sketch Plugins menu.

Make sure the zeroheight plugin is enabled in the Manage Plugins menu in Sketch.

Install the Sketch plugin

To use Sketch with zeroheight you can download the Sketch plugin from:


To install the zeroheight plugin:

1) Double click the .zip file that gets downloaded to unzip it

zeroheight sketch plugin zip file

2) Double-click the Sketch plugin file

unzipped zeroheight sketch plugin file

3) You should see a Sketch popup to confirm that the plugin was installed successfully.

Sketch pop up window

4) You should also be able to see it in the Plugins menu.

Plugins panel shows the zeroheight plugin in menu.

Use Abstract

You always need to upload to zeroheight from the same Abstract branch so that the file IDs are the same.

We hope to improve this workflow soon!


Where did my uploads go?

When you upload items using the Sketch plugin, they go into the zeroheight "cloud" called Uploads. They don't appear in styleguides until you insert them in the styleguide itself.

Some of my Sketch content is missing from Uploads

zeroheight only uploads artboards, master symbols, document styles, shared layer styles and shared text styles. These are the elements that would form part of a Sketch Library. Everything else such as instances of symbols, fonts used, groups and layers aren't uploaded. If you would like us to support these, please let us know!

How long should uploads take?

This depends on what you're uploading. If you're uploading just a few vector symbols, it should only take a few seconds. If you're uploading heavier content e.g. artboards with high-res images, then you can expect it to take a few minutes. Don't worry however, as you can continue to work in Sketch during your upload, and we'll notify you when the upload is done!

Do items sync automatically?

Sketch items you upload only sync when you want them to sync. This means that we don't automatically upload changes when you save your file – you need to select the symbols that have changed and click Upload selected, or just click Upload all to automatically sync any changes in that file. This gives you full control of what changes get displayed in zeroheight styleguides and when.

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