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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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There are currently some limitations to the Adobe XD API, which is what zeroheight uses for our XD plugin. Unfortunately, this causes some issues with our integration which are listed below. We've provided best practices and workarounds where possible and are working with the XD team to improve this! If any of these issues seriously impact your uploads, please get in touch at

Component states not uploading

States are not yet supported, this is because the XD API does not yet export them. You can read about workarounds here.

Components not uploading

To export a component, it works best if it's on the Pasteboard, outside of an artboard. If you don't have the component there, you can drag it out of the Assets panel directly onto the Pasteboard, then "Upload selected".

You may also run into problems if the file is on Adobe Cloud. In that case, make sure the file is saved locally.

Components have the wrong name

Components may upload with an old version of their name, such as "Component 12" or just an older iteration of their name in the Assets tab. This is because the XD API doesn't give us access to the latest Asset tab names.

To fix this, drag the component out of the Asset tab onto the Pasteboard and use "Upload selected". This will allow us to upload the component with the latest name.

Typography styles are recreated when changed

If a style is edited, it may be recreated as a duplicate in zeroheight rather than updated. This is due to missing functionality in the XD API. You will need to remove the old style and add the new one in your styleguide.

You can update style attributes as long as the style name stays the same. If you rename a style, it will be treated as a new style.

"normal" line height

If you haven't set the line height for a character style explicitly, you may see a value in XD (e.g. 24px) but then see "normal" in zeroheight. This is because the line height is a font-specific property that is not provided to us by the XD API.

Background-blur not supported

Background-blur is not yet supported when using inspect.


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