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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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You can create a beautiful design system site in zeroheight using your Zeplin components and styles with our Zeplin integration ✨

Zeplin component in zeroheight

Getting started

Here’s how to get started with zeroheight and Zeplin. If you need any additional help, get in touch at

1) Sign up for a zeroheight account

2) Go to Uploads then click Add new upload

Arrow pointing to Uploads section and arrow pointing to Add new upload button

3) Click Upload next to Zeplin

Arrow pointing to Upload button for Zeplin in design uploads window

4) Click Authorize to connect to Zeplin

Pop up window to sign into Zeplin

5) Sign in to Zeplin ( 👉 Note: You may already be signed in)

6) Click Allow to grant zeroheight access

7) Add your App share link and click Add

To find your App share link, click Share in a Zeplin project or styleguide and then click Copy next to the App: link

Pop up window to add project link to zeroheight

8) Wait for your upload to complete

Loading window for Zeplin

9) Create a styleguide

If you haven’t created a styleguide yet… time to create one!

Arrow pointing to Styleguides section and arrow pointing to Create Styleguide button.

10) Insert Zeplin uploads in your styleguide

Once you’re in a zeroheight styleguide, you can insert Zeplin uploads and start writing some documentation ✍️

Gif showing how to add Zeplin components into zeroheight.

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