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What are uploads?

Uploads is a dashboard where you can check what has been uploaded from Sketch, Figma or XD to zeroheight. You can think of it as a zeroheight "cloud" – a gallery of Sketch / Figma / XD items that are available to insert in your styleguides.



Why have Uploads?

We think that how people organize their symbols and styles is not necessarily the same as how they want to document them, so although we make it possible to upload entire design files at once for convenience, we think it makes sense to separate the "raw" design files from styleguides.

This lets people access their design content easily to add it to their documentation, whilst allowing them to organize their styleguide exactly how they want it – free from the constraints of how they organized and named things in their design files.


What can I do in Uploads? Why does clicking items do nothing?

Uploads is just an inventory – it's just meant to show you what you uploaded, so it's normal that clicking on the items doesn't do anything.


Displaying items

If you want to display your uploaded items in a styleguide, you need to go to the styleguide and add them from there by clicking these Design uploads sections (you can insert your own using the + button)


Deleting items

You can delete items from the Uploads dashboard. You can delete entire files like this:

And delete items by clicking on the uploaded file and deleting the item like this:

Note: if the item is still in the file after you delete it from Uploads and you click Upload all in the plugin, it will be uploaded again.

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