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Brienne Wong
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Editor comments are available on all paid plans. Reviewer comments are available on all Professional and Enterprise plans


Leave comments to communicate with your fellow editors directly inside your styleguide.


You can leave comments on every block type (e.g, design uploads, images, embeds, etc.)


Page introduction

You can add comments to the title of your page.


Tagging and email notifications

You can also @mention your teammates to get their attention and control your email notifications from the styleguide settings. Everyone in a thread will be updated with replies.

Link to comments

You can copy links to comments from the ... menu โ€” this is useful when discussing comments outside of zeroheight. Clicking the copied link will take you to the relevant page and straight to the comment.

You can include the page name and the highlighted text in the comments. This will help provide context for the comment even if the original text is deleted.



If I remove a user from my account, do their comments disappear?

If the user is removed from your team account, their comments will still be in zeroheight.  Comments will appear from a โ€œDeleted user,โ€ but the last updated section will show the deleted user's name.

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