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You can automatically add a feedback footer to every page of your styleguide. This allows you to gather feedback from viewers of your documentation by using a third-party form tool e.g. Typeform, Google Forms, or Microsoft Forms. The form will pop up in a window.

Add the feedback footer

1) Set up your form in the tool of your choice

2) Go to Styleguide settings

3) Choose the Footer tab

4) In the Feedback form URL, paste the share link for the form

Arrow pointing to the feedback form URL box

5) Click save

6) You should see a notification at the top of the page:

Notification showing feedback form URL was added

7) Preview the styleguide and you will see a link at the bottom of the page:

Feedback form link in viewer mode

8) If you click on the link the feedback form will pop up:


Feedback form

Remove the feedback footer

1) Go to Styleguide settings

2) Click on Footer

3) Remove the link from Feedback form URL

4) Click Save

5) You should see the notification below:

Notification showing feedback form URL was removed


Which form providers are supported?

This feature should work with any form provider that has a share link.

How do I get the share link?

It depends on the form provider. In general, if you use the embed URL and copy the link in the src tag it should work. For example for Google Forms:

Share window in Google Forms


Can I be notified of the answers?

Most form providers allow you to set up email notifications for when people complete the form.

Does the form know which page people have come from?

Unfortunately, the form will not know which page people have come from. You can add a question to your form to gather this information.

How do I change the feedback footer text?

Unfortunately, you can't change the footer text at this time.

If you want to see how helpful your page is, try Page Rating (available for Enterprise plans only)

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