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This feature is available on all paid plans.

What is a custom domain?

Setting up a custom domain allows you to point the viewer version of your styleguide to a bespoke/vanity URL that uses your domain rather than zeroheight.

A typical zeroheight domain will look similar to this:

A custom domain name could be It could even be the name of your design system to help with building a community around your design system. 

Request a custom domain

1) Open your styleguide

2) Click ... in the top right and choose Styleguide settings

3) Choose the Custom domain tab

4) We will email you with the required DNS record updates.

5) Reply to the email letting us know when you've made the changes.

6) We will verify the settings and set up your domain.

👉 Note: It may take a few days for these changes to take effect.

Update links

You don't need to update links when you add a custom domain. Existing links within your styleguide will redirect correctly and you should see your custom domain in the URL bar.

Change custom domain title tag

The title tag for your styleguide is your styleguide name. You change it in the cover page settings. 

1) Enable Display text

2) Type in the styleguide name

3) Toggle the Display text off again

4) It should update the tag title with that name

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 11.11.36 PM.png

Custom domain favicons

Contact support@zeroheight to add, update, or remove a favicon from your styleguide.

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