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Brienne Wong
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This feature is available on all Professional and Enterprise plans. Want this and other premium features? Update your plan here.

You can customize the text size of the design uploads notes. This gives you more flexibility with your page layout, for example:

Design upload notes example with different text sizes

Change the size of notes

1) Open Styleguide settings

2) Move to the Appearance tab

3) Scroll to the bottom where it says Design upload notes

4) You can choose between Small Medium and Large sizes

Change design upload note sizes in the Appearance section of the Styleguide Settings

👉 Note: This will change the size for all the notes in your styleguide.



What size is Small?

Small is 12px which is the default and the same size notes were pre-May 2021.

What size is Medium?

Medium is 14px

What size is Large?

Large is 16px

Can you still add titles in notes?

Yes you can still add headers in your notes (select the text and choose H1 H2 or H3 ). They will be displayed the same size as they are in the page text:

Add titles to design upload notes

How does this work with Figma variants?

The size of the text for Figma variant properties is independent of the size of the notes:

Notes for Figma variant properties

Why don't you support fully customizable px sizes?

We wanted to strike the balance between providing flexibility for the way your site looks without distracting from the process of documenting.

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