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To give your cover page a beautiful background, click Cover page in the left navigation tree, hover the cover, and click Change cover to set a background color or image.

Set cover image to fit

You can toggle the cover image to fit the width of the page. This means it will be responsive and scale if you view the styleguide on a mobile device. 

Cover page settings

Cover image parameters and size

The styleguides are responsive so the cover image either tries to fill the whole space, or it will resize itself to be contained within the space. This means the image will be cropped in different ways at different screen sizes. Therefore, there are no optimal dimensions that you should choose, instead choose an image that will look good on many different screen sizes.

That being said, if you want to make the image look sharp on most monitors you should choose a size of at least 1920 width. The height will depend on how tall your cover page is. If it's full height then we recommend going with a height of 1080.

Remove cover image

To remove a cover image just select a Color from the Cover style options.

Red arrow pointed to color function in the Cover page settings

More cover page tips

You can customize your cover page further by embedding videos, and adding shortcut tiles or text.

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