Embed Google Drive videos

Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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1) Open your video in Google Drive to bring up the preview window.

Google Drive preview window

2) In the ... menu in the top right, click on Share, and change the setting to Anyone with the link then done.

Google Drive share window


3) Next, again in the ... menu in the top right click 'Open in new window'.

Red arrow pointing to Open in new window function

4) Click Embed item... and copy the URL.

Embed item function hovered over
Copy URL in the Embed item window

5) Using the embed widget in zeroheight, paste this URL, and you will see the video embed. You can resize the frame by dragging the handles to the bottom and right of the embed block.

Embedded video in the iframe

👉 Note: You can also embed a video from Microsoft Sharepoint into zeroheight as long as you have a share URL and your video is set to public.

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