Tokens 2.0

Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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Tokens 2.0 is our next step towards a future with a much more powerful and flexible design tokens system. You are able to fully edit how your tokens are setup and which styles are included. You can also create completely custom tokens that are currently not supported by design tools.


Amazon Style Dictionary

We've designed Tokens 2.0 with Style Dictionary in mind.

Style Dictionary is a powerful build system specifically designed for transforming tokens into whatever shape and form you require. With it you can export your design tokens into any format you need.


Adding tokens

1) You can add tokens to your styleguide from the toolbar. 

Tokens 2.0 function hovered over in the zeroheight toolbar.

2) From here you can either create design tokens linked to your existing styles or create entirely new, custom ones. 

Tokens 2.0 window

Creating tokens linked to styles

1) You can create new tokens which are linked to your existing styles via the Add styles button in the top right.

Cursor over the Add styles button in the tokens 2.0 window

2) Choose the styles you want to sync from your design uploads and click Add.


Sync styles from design uploads

3) Once you've added the styles, new tokens will be created which are directly linked with the styles from your design files. Whenever you update the styles in your design app, these changes will be reflected in the tokens.

Tokens 2.0 window with color styles

4) Hover over the token to see more detail about where the token is defined.

Token information appears when hovered over


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