Tokens 2.0 FAQs

Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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Can I still use the format of the old token?

Yes, you can still use the format of the previous token, as described here.

How do I convert the JSON output?

We recommend using Amazon Style Dictionary for transforming the JSON tokens into a format you need because tokens in zeroheight are directly compatible with this build system. It's very powerful and very thoroughly documented.

What type of tokens can I define?

We currently support all core styles from all of our supported design tools:


  • Color styles
  • Font styles
  • Effects styles (shadows)


  • Color styles
  • Font styles
  • Layer styles
  • This will include background colors, borders, and shadows

Adobe XD

  • Color styles
  • Character styles


  • Color palette
  • Text style catalog

On top of that, you can define your own custom tokens as documented here.

How do tokens work with releases?

With any new release, all token blocks will be re-created with new share URLs. The styles that are linked to these tokens blocks will however still get the latest updated styles. Other than that they work just like normal.

If you want to have a design tokens URL that always goes to the default release,  you can add the query parameter use_latest_release to the share URL. For example, the full URL would look like this:
This will pull information from the token file in your default release.

Can I go back to a previous version of my tokens?

Tokens don't yet have their own versioning and are directly tied to your styleguide releases, so if you want to revert to a previous version of tokens, you could copy tokens from a previous release over to the latest.

Can I only sync styles from my styleguide?

No, you can sync any styles that are available in your design uploads. 

Can I have multiple token blocks?

Yes, you can insert as many token blocks as you want on any page and each of them will have a unique URL. This is great for separating out different token types, whether it's on a single page or multiple.

I just deleted my tokens block, can I get it back?

Please contact, and we can restore your tokens block.

Can zeroheight generate a CSS or Sass file from design tokens?

Our design tokens output as a JSON file. We recommend using  Amazon Style Dictionary (ASD) to transform the JSON tokens into a CSS or Sass file. ASD is a powerful tool that allows teams to output tokens into any format they may need.

Can I create design tokens without using a design tool? 

You can create design tokens from tools like Adobe Photoshop using tokens 2.0. You can add styles from your design uploads or your styleguide. You will need to update them manually.

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