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This feature is available on all Enterprise plans. Want this and other premium features? Update your plan here.

What will be tracked?

Description Category Action Label
View page Page View

Page name

View design Item View Component name
Search Page Search Search name
Download assets Assets Download

Page name

Download all assets Assets DownloadAll

Page name

Download attachments Attachment Download  Attachment name
Copy value e.g. HEX code or code snippet CopyValue

DesignValue or CodeValue

Page name

Download (Tokens 1.0) Tokens1 Download

Page name

Copy link (Tokens 1.0) Tokens1 CopyLink

Page name

Download (Tokens 2.0) Tokens2 Download

Page name

Copy link (Tokens 2.0) Tokens2 CopyLink Page name

Where can you see events?

1) First, complete the set up here.

2) Navigate to Behaviour > Events > Overview

3) You will see a list of events

4) You can choose to display the Top Events by:

  • Event Category e.g. Page , Item , Assets , Attachment
  • Event Action e.g. View , Search , Copy , Download
  • Event Label e.g. Page name , Search term
Top Events in the Events Overview page in Google Analytics


Who will be tracked?

  • Analytics will be tracked for viewers of the styleguide.
  • Analytics won't be tracked for editors when they are logged into zeroheight.
  • When an editor clicks Preview, the preview session will not trigger any metrics. If you want to test whether metrics are working, open the Share link in an incognito/private session.
  • In accordance with GDPR, viewers in the UK/EEA will only be tracked if they accept analytics cookies by clicking 'Allow all' in the cookie banner.

There are no page views?

For the page views due to the way our app is built there aren't technically "pages" in the traditional sense, so GA isn't able to track page views. To account for this our platform sends Events to GA whenever someone visits a new "page". There should be page view events being fired that you can view. 

If your team doesn't use Google Analytics, try zeroheight analytics to see page views.

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