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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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Who will be tracked?

From the zeroheight side all viewers of the styleguide will be tracked. Editors will not be tracked. In accordance with GDPR, viewers in the UK/EEA will only be tracked if they accept analytics cookies by clicking 'Allow all' in the cookie banner.

However, Hotjar does not track all users due to various factors such as using an incognito window, users having ad-blockers installed, using Do Not Track etc.

Hotjar cookies window

Why can't I see any heatmaps or recordings?

Depending on the amount of time your viewers spend looking at the styleguide, you may wish to change the targeting settings.

1) Click the Traffic active dropdown

2) Under Session targeting settings click Edit settings

Session targeting settings window

3) In the Session targeting and tracking section, check Capture sessions shorter than 30 seconds

Session targeting and tracking section

Why can't I see the feedback forms?

Make sure that the forms are toggled to Active in Hotjar.

Still not working?

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