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You can add a footer to your styleguide to display important links and copyright information. The footer will be shown at the bottom of every page of your styleguide.

Styleguide footer example

Add the footer

In Styleguide settings, choose the Footer tab and you will be able to add page navigation, links, a feedback form, and custom text. The footer can also be customized to reflect your brand.

Add links

You can add links in the Footer links section. These will be displayed in a grid in the footer.

Footer content section in the Footer section in the Styelguide Settings


You can change the color of the footer to match your brand:

Footer appearance section in the Footer section of the Styleguide Settings

Add page navigation

To display page navigation check Next / previous page links:

Box for next/previous page links checked

Add the feedback form

You can use the footer to collect feedback from your viewers by enabling the feedback form. This will display a form of your choice.


Can I add links in the text area?

You can't add links in the text area. This area is designed for text-like copyright information. You can use the 'footer links' for links instead.

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