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Brienne Wong
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You can add category-level pages to your styleguide, including:

  • a category overview page 
  • a standalone page at the same level as categories

Add a category overview page

1) Click on the category name in the left-hand navigation

2) Enable the overview page by clicking the toggle

3) Add your content

4) Your new page will be displayed if someone clicks on the category


Create a category-level page

1) Create a new category

2) Enable the category page by clicking the toggle

3) Add your content

4) Preview the page and it will be on the same level as the categories

👉 Note: The expand arrow for the category will display in the editor view but will not be visible in preview or view-only mode.

Copy links to category-level pages

You can copy links to category pages in your styleguide. This can help teams share pages of your styleguide. You must enable the overview page for a category to copy links to that section.

1) Follow the above directions to enable an overview category page

2) Click Copy link for the category page


Hide/delete the page

Professional and Enterprise plans

If you are on the Professional or Enterprise plan you can toggle off the overview page or standalone page. The content will remain and you can toggle it back on at any point. This behaves in a similar way to hiding pages in the styleguide.

Note: if you delete the page you will also delete the category.

Starter and Free plans

If you toggle off the category page you will delete the content on the page. If you want to try hiding pages you can sign up for a 7-day Starter plan trial from the Billing page in zeroheight.


What will happen to existing categories?

The category overview page will be off by default. You can toggle it on by following the steps above.

What happens if I delete the overview page?

If you delete the overview page you will also delete the category. Instead, hide the overview page by toggling it off.

Why does a standalone page have an expand arrow in editor mode?

The standalone page is technically still a category so you can add sub-pages in the future. The expand arrow for the standalone page will not be visible in preview or view-only mode.

Can I add tabs to a category overview page?

Yes, you can add tabs to the overview page. However, unlike tabs on a normal page, they will not be displayed in the left navigation.

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