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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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You can copy and paste blocks in zeroheight using the copy tool.

Copy and paste blocks

1) Hover over the block that you wish to copy.

2) Click the Copy icon which is in between the settings and delete icons.

Circle around the Copy section function

3) Choose where you want to paste the block and then right-click or use the paste command on your keyboard (control + V or command + V).

Which blocks can I copy?

You can copy all blocks except for paragraph and header blocks (text blocks). This means you can copy:

  • design upload blocks
  • code blocks
  • tables
  • images
  • embeds
  • shortcut tiles
  • rules

Here are some examples below:

Copying shortcut tiles

Copy shortcut tiles function hovered over

Copying a design uploads block

Copy section function hovered over

Copying a rules block

Copy rules function hovered over


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