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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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In zeroheight, there are several types of links to be aware of, which can be confusing when you first start using the editor. Before you copy a link in zeroheight, first consider what you intend to do with the link:

Connect sections of the styleguide

You will often want to connect sections of your styleguide, for example, when adding text links or shortcut tiles.

Linking to a page

1) Select the text in the page

2) Search for the page in the styleguide

Window to hyperlink a styleguide page to text

3) Press enter to create the link

4) You can always go back and edit the link later by clicking on the link.

Window to edit or remove link from a text

Links in shortcut tiles or headers

For this, you can use the copy link actions in either editor mode or preview mode. These links will always point to the Latest release, not the Default release, so you will never have stale links.

👉 Note: Do not copy links from the viewer mode, or you risk deep-linking to previous releases.

You can copy links to the page title or headers h1/2/3

Square around the copy link function


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