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Who are editors?

Editors can create styleguides, sync designs, and add content. They have a zeroheight account.

Invite editors to your team

1) Go to the Your team page

Your team hovered over in user menu

2) Scroll to the bottom of the page

3) Invite the editor by email.

Invite team area in Your team page

4) The editor will receive an email to join the team.

👉 Note: If you are on the Starter plan, you will be charged pro-rata for the new editor seat. If you are on an Enterprise or Professional plan, there will be a tally showing the number of editor seats available on your plan.


I'm on the Starter trial, will I be charged if I invite other editors?

No, we don't ask for payment details for the Starter trial. When the trial expires you will lose access to the paid features and be on the Free plan. At that point, only the team owner will be able to edit styleguides.

How does payment work?

We pro-rate payments so that the billing cycle aligns for all editors. This means if you add an editor part way through your billing cycle (monthly or yearly) you will only be charged for the time remaining in that cycle.

How do I remove editors?

You can remove editors at any point from the 'Your team' page.

If you are on an Enterprise or Professional plan, the team admins can remove editors.

Do I need to invite editors by email if we have SSO enabled?

Yes, you still need to invite editors by email.

Can I be in more than one team?

If you are already a member of a zeroheight team and use the same email address you will be asked which team you want to be in. You will lose access to the other team.

If you need access to more than one team please contact us at

What if the editor I'm inviting does not receive the invitation email?

If you run into any issues inviting an editor to the team then please contact us at

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