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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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Can we move a styleguide to a different team?

Yes, you can transfer a styleguide from a free plan to a paid plan or between paid plans. To transfer a styleguide to someone else, please email

Please provide:

  • The name of the styleguide
  • The URL of the team that owns the styleguide e.g.
  • The URL or email of the team you would like the styleguide transferred to

You must be a member of the team that owns the styleguide.

 👉 Note: This process will also transfer all uploads used in that styleguide and does not include the transfer of comments or last change status updates.

We will also keep a copy of the styleguide and upload it to the original team which you can delete or keep after the transfer is done.

How do I transfer ownership of my account to my client?

1) Go to the Your profile page in zeroheight

User menu

2) Edit your email address to be your client's email address.

3) Log out. You will lose access to the team.

4) Click Forgot password and use your client's email address.

5) They will be sent a password reset email and can log in to their account.

Can we change the team owner?

You can change the team owner from Your Team page.

1) Go to Your Team page

2) Click Make Owner next to the person's name. The new team owner needs to be an admin on the account.

Your team page with Make owner functions available

3) You have now changed team owners

👉 Note: If you don't have access to the account, reach out to and we can change the team owner.

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