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This feature is available on all Professional and Enterprise plans. Want this and other premium features? Update your plan here.

You can manage external access to a private styleguide by inviting viewers using an email invitation. You may want to use this option to share your styleguide with external collaborators such as agencies, freelancers, or contractors so they can use your design system. 

You can also manage viewer access by:

Inviting viewers by email gives you the most control over access to the styleguide. You can also revoke an individual's access when they are no longer collaborating with your team.

You can configure these options from the Styleguide settings.

Security section in the Styleguide settings

How to invite viewers by email

1) Click the Share button in your styleguide

2) Move to the Invite tab

3) Enter their email address and send the invite

Gif showing how to invite editors

4) The viewer will receive a link to their email address which they can use to access the styleguide

How to revoke access

1) Click the Share button in the styleguide.

2) Open the Invite tab.

3) Find the viewer's email address and click the trash icon to revoke their access.

4) The viewer will no longer have access to the styleguide.

Pink circle around trash icon to revoke editor access

👉 Note: This will only remove their access to a particular styleguide. If you have granted them access to multiple styleguides you will need to remove them from each styleguide.


Who can invite viewers?

All admins and editors on your zeroheight team can invite viewers to the styleguide.

Who can revoke access?

All admins and editors on your zeroheight team can remove viewers from the styleguide.

When does the link expire/when do I need a new link?

Private viewers need to request a new link if you try to use/view zeroheight in a new browser, incognito window, or on a new device.

The link will also expire after 30 days. If you did not join the styleguide after 30 days, you will need to request a new link.

How do I request a new link?

You should see an option to request a new link when you open the expired link in a browser.

If you don't have this option your access may have been revoked.

What if I'm not receiving the email with the invite link?

Usually, if this happens the invitation email may have landed in your spam/junk folder so we would suggest checking here first. If you still can't find the email then please contact to help you with this.

Can we use this option in conjunction with SSO?

Yes, this option has been designed to work alongside SSO. Viewers in your organization can continue using their SSO credentials to view the styleguide. Viewers outside your organization can use the link.

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