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You can have at least 5 editor seats on all paid plans. You can internally assign roles to team members based on the duties needed to ensure your design system is managed successfully. Below are the types of roles you can designate team members in zeroheight.

User roles

Admin Enterprise and Professional only Admins have a zeroheight account. In addition to the Editor privileges, they control the team information and Billing information. They can remove access to editors. They have automatic access to all styleguides (see styleguide permissions). Typically this would be the lead of the Design System team.
Editor All plans

Editors have a zeroheight account. They can create styleguides and add content. They can invite other editors to the team and share the styleguide with viewers.

Typically editors would be designers, developers, and copy editors in the Design System team.

Reviewer Enterprise and Professional only Reviewers have a zeroheight account. They have comment-only access to the logged-in view of zeroheight. This includes the ability to comment on unreleased changes and hidden pages. Typically these would be designers, developers, and stakeholders from other teams (e.g. legal) who collaborate on creating documentation.
Viewer All plans Viewers do not have a zeroheight account. They can access a styleguide if they are invited by email. They can download assets, view components, copy code, etc. Typically these would be designers, developers, product managers, project managers, and marketing professionals.


All plans The person who creates the team is typically the team owner. If you ever drop down the free version to zeroheight, the team owner will still be able to edit the styleguides. Typically this would be the lead of the Design System team.


Can we change the team owner?

Yes, please email

What if I'm unable to change a user's role?

If you're experiencing an issue changing a user's role, please email and a member of our team will be happy to help you with this.

Do you have an admin role?

We have an admin role for Professional and Enterprise plans. Teams can allocate an editor seat to a team member to be an administrator. There is currently no role that is only for administrative purposes.

What do viewers see?

To preview what the styleguide looks like for viewers, simply click the Preview button in the top right of your styleguide.

three dots menu for styleguide

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