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Editor access

Option 1: invite editors by email All plans

Editors can be invited by email. They will create a username and password for their zeroheight account.

Option 2: editors use SSO Professional + Enterprise Editors are invited to join their zeroheight team via email. They can use their standard SSO username and password to access their zeroheight account.

Viewer access

👉 Note: if you have multiple styleguides, you can choose a different option for each styleguide.

Access is controlled by SSO Professional + Enterprise Viewers receive the share link to the styleguide and use their normal SSO username and password to access the published styleguide. They do not need a zeroheight account.
Styleguide is password-protected All plans You can choose a password to protect a page in the styleguide or the whole styleguide. Only viewers who know the password can access the styleguide.
Access is restricted to an IP range Professional + Enterprise Anyone on the company network with access to the share link can view the styleguide. This can be used in conjunction with Option 1-3.
The styleguide is publicly available

All plans

The styleguide is available to anyone who has the share link, for example as part of your company website. This can be useful as a branding and marketing tool.


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