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Public vs Private styleguides

Styleguides can either be public or private. This can be configured for each styleguide from the styleguide settings. This means you can have one styleguide that is private and another that is public.

Public styleguide options

There is one option for public styleguides, available on all plans.

🌍 Discoverable on the internet All plans If you link to the styleguide on a public website the styleguide will be discoverable on the internet. You can also have your styleguide indexed by search engines. Learn more here.

Private styleguide options

There are several options for private styleguides, only available on paid plans. You can choose these options in combination.

🔐 Password protected Starter Enterprise The styleguide is accessible to anyone with the password.
🗝 Single-Sign On Enterprise Viewers of the styleguide must log in using their SSO credentials.
🖥 Trusted IP range Enterprise Professional

Anyone in the trusted IP range has access to the team's styleguides.

Contact to set up IP whitelisting. 

Invite viewers by email

You can also invite external contractors, agencies, etc to a private styleguide via email. This means you can restrict your styleguide using SSO but still give access to people outside of your organization.

Change the security

1) Open the styleguide

2) Choose Styleguide settings from the menu

Styleguide settings hovered in three dots menu

3) Choose the Security tab

4) Select the security option

Security section in the Styleguide settings

5) Click Save to apply the changes

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