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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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User roles

SSO can be set up for both editors and viewers.

  • Editors (and admins) have a zeroheight account. They can create styleguides and publish content. Typically these would be designers, developers and copy editors in the Design System team.
  • Viewers can access a styleguide if they are invited by the editor. They can download assets, view components etc. Typically these would be designers, developers, product managers and marketing professionals.


Inviting editors

Editors and admins can invite other editors to join their zeroheight team via email from the Your team page. They can use their standard SSO username and password to access their zeroheight account.

Setting up SSO for editors

Once SSO has been configured, all editors should be able to sign into zeroheight using SSO.

Signing in as an editor

1) Once SSO is enabled, go to the zeroheight login page e.g. <team>, and choose Secure sign in with Enterprise SSO

Enterprise SSO login page

2) You will be taken to your company's login page where you can use your standard credentials to access zeroheight.


Sharing with viewers

You can share the styleguide with viewers by inviting them by email. Viewers use their normal SSO username and password to access the styleguide. They do not need a zeroheight account. It will always display the Default release.

Share button next to Profile icon

You can set up a custom domain for the styleguide.

Setting up SSO for viewers

Once SSO is configured for viewers, by default all private styleguides will also be protected by SSO. You can change this on a per-styleguide basis from styleguide settings.

1) Open a styleguide and choose Styleguide settings from the menu in the top right

Styleguide settings hovered over in the three dots menu

2) Choose the Security tab. You can then set the styleguide to be public, password-protected, or protected by SSO.

Security section in the Styleguide settings

3) When you click save the changes will apply.

Signing in as a viewer

If viewers are invited by email, they will be taken to the SSO page and be able to see the styleguide.

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