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This feature is available on all Professional and Enterprise plans. Want this and other premium features? Update your plan here.

1) Click Admin in the top right

Admin button in Okta

2) Click the Applications tab

Applications tab hovered over in Okta

3) Click Add Application

Add Application button

4) Click Create new app

Create new app

5) Select Web and tick SAML 2.0

6) Enter "zeroheight" as the app name

7) Upload the zeroheight logo if you'd like - you can download it from https://ok7static.oktacdn.com/fs/bco/4/fs0yax9omNQh4sTKH356 then right-click > Save image, then use Browse and Upload Logo

8) Click Next

9) For Single sign-on URL, use the generated URL from the SSO setup page in your account. It should look like https://zeroheight.com/sso/acs/xxxxxxxxxxxxx

For Audience URI, use the generated ID from the SSO setup page in your account. It should look like zeroheight:xxxxxxxxxxxxx

For Name ID Format, select EmailAddress

For Application username, select Email

Add an attribute called FirstName tied to the user's first name

Attribution statement in Okta

10) Click Next

11) Select I'm an Okta customer but leave the rest of the page blank

12) Click Finish

13) Click the Sign On tab

Sign On tab hovered over

14) Click View setup instructions

View setup instructions button in Okta

15) Copy and paste the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL and  X.509 Certificate into the SSO setup page for your account.

👉 Note: If you need the Target_logout URL to set up SSO, email support@zeroheight.com and we can add it.

16) Follow the SSO set up instructions 😀

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