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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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This feature is available on all Professional and Enterprise plans.


We support any provider which supports SAML 2.0 SSO.

We have successfully tested the integration with:

  • Okta
  • Google
  • OneLogin
  • Custom SAML server


SAML 2.0

SAML 2.0 is a universal protocol so we can interface with any provider that supports SAML 2.0.

When you've activated your SSO account, we will provide you with the following information:

ACS URL - something like https://zeroheight.com/sso/acs/xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Entity ID - something like zeroheight:xxxxxxxxxxxxx

You can use these when setting up the zeroheight service in your provider.


We then require the following information from you to complete the setup:

Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL, X.509 Certificate, and target_logout URL


Identity Provider Metadata XML (containing <IDPSSODescriptor>)


Get in touch at support@zeroheight.com if you need more detailed instructions for setting up your provider.

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