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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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This feature is available on all paid plans. Want this and other premium features? Update your plan here.

You can choose to have your public styleguide indexed in search results.

This feature will be useful if you would like to have your design system documentation displayed in Google search results for promotional reasons.

Please contact us at if you want this enabled for your team.

Please also note that we can't guarantee that it will be displayed in the results as this is dependent on the algorithm of the search engine. This is based on what it finds as relevant to the search term and is therefore beyond our control.

Index your styleguide

1) Click on Styleguide settings in the top right corner of the page

three dot menu for styleguide

2) Choose the SEO tab at the bottom of the menu

3) Check the box to allow the styleguide to be indexed in search engines

SEO section in Styleguide settings

4) You can now input your own meta title and meta description

Boxes to add Meta title and description in the SEO section in the Styleguide settings

If you don't fill in your own meta title and description then it will use the default metadata which is:

  • title: "[styleguide name] · zeroheight"
  • description: "[styleguide name] · Design system documentation, made with zeroheight"


How do I make my styleguide public?

You can make your styleguide public from the Security tab in the styleguide settings (more details here).

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