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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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In order to know where you need to focus your design system documentation efforts, it’s important to see how your documentation is being used. You can measure team usage using our different integrations.

In zeroheight Analytics

You can track page views and helpfulness with our native Analytics and Page Rating features.

Page views in Analytics

Page rating in your styleguide page

In Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics integration enables you to see how your viewers interact with your styleguides.

Events you can track

Description Category Action Label
View page Page View

Page name

View design Item View Component name
Search Page Search Search name
Download assets Assets Download

Page name

Download all assets Assets DownloadAll

Page name

Download attachments Attachment Download  Attachment name
Copy value e.g. HEX code or code snippet CopyValue

DesignValue or CodeValue

Page name

Download (Tokens 1.0) Tokens1 Download

Page name

Copy link (Tokens 1.0) Tokens1 CopyLink

Page name

Download (Tokens 2.0) Tokens2 Download

Page name

Copy link (Tokens 2.0) Tokens2 CopyLink Page name

In Hotjar

You can record viewer behavior and interactions with your styleguide using Hotjar.

Heatmap example in your styleguide

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