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You'll often need to add links in your documentation, so here are some quick tips for adding links in zeroheight.

Shortcut tiles

You can add shortcut tiles anywhere in your style guide. They are particularly useful on the cover page but can be used throughout your documentation. Shortcut tiles can link to a different section of the style guide, a different style guide, or to any URL. 

Shortcut tile examples

Add a shortcut tile

You can add a shortcut tile from the toolbar:

Shortcut tiles function hovered over in toolbar

Top navigation bar

It's possible to add links in the top navigation bar. This can be useful to link to resources such as your code repository. You can also use these links to provide navigation back to a landing page or to internal resources secured by SSO.

Top navigation bar

External links

To add a link, click Add navigation in the top navigation bar and choose External link:

Top navigation options

Internal links

You can create internal links by linking to a page or page headers within your styleguide.

Internal links example

Text links

Select some text and choose the link option from the toolbar:

text toolbar


You can add links to images in your styleguide. Hover over your image and click the link icon to add a URL.

Add links to images when hovering over image

Change the link color

You can change the Accent color of your links from the Styleguide settings:

Appearance section in the Styleguide Settings

Other tips

Copy links in zeroheight

Make sure to copy links in zeroheight using the copy actions available on the page.

You can copy links to header by hovering over the header and clicking the Copy link to header option in the menu:

Copy link to header function hovered over

You can also copy from the sidebar by clicking the ... next to the page name and choose Copy link:

Copy link function in the three dots menu for the sidebar

Custom domain

If you add a custom domain to your styleguide there is no need to change any of the links. zeroheight will resolve the links automatically.

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