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As you expand your documentation it can be useful to create a 'template' so that your pages have the same structure. You can create:

Page template

1) Add a new page named TEMPLATE

Styleguide category with a Template page

2) Add the tabs, headers, and sections that you want the page to contain

Template page example with headers and sections

3) Hide the template in the navigation by clicking on the eye icon

Hidden template page

4) Whenever you want to add a new component you can duplicate the template and fill out the content

Page menu showing Duplicate function

Styleguide template

If you need to create different styleguides for different products or teams, you can create a styleguide template that acts as a starting point each time.

You can either:

  • Create your template from scratch in a new styleguide
  • Duplicate an existing styleguide and remove the content, leaving only the structure

Once you have your template you can duplicate it whenever you need to add new styleguides.

Styleguide menu showing duplicate function


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