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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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It can be useful to upload images and illustrations via your design tool. This means they can be synced and kept up to date like your design uploads. You also have more flexibility in controlling the layout of your design uploads.

1 )Upload illustrations, images, or designs through your design tool.

Design uploads function hovered over in the toolbar

2) Choose the image or illustration and add it to your styleguide.

Image example uploaded from design uploads

3) You can change the layout of the design upload, for example, to include the text next to the image. Turn off inspect for the design upload. To viewers, this will now look like a static image.

Layout settings for design uploads

Any time you make changes to the design file and update it, the 'image' will be updated, such as if you changed the color in the illustrations.

Design upload images displayed in viewer mode

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