Add static images

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Add static images

1) You can add images to your styleguide from the toolbar by choosing Image / GIF

Image function hovered over in the toolbar

2) Change the alignment and size of the image

Image settings

3) Your image will be displayed in the styleguide

Image example

Link images

You can add links to images in your styleguide.

1) When you hover over an image, click the link icon to add a URL

Add links when hovering over image

Replace images

You can replace an image without having to delete the block and add a new one. The styling settings like size and position are retained for your image.

Gif showing how to replace images

Image lightboxing

You can expand your images to view them in greater detail

1) Hover over the image and click Layout settings

Layout settings function overed over

2) Toggle on Lightbox

Lightbox function toggled on

3) Once lightbox is enabled, click the arrow in the upper right corner to enlarge

Lightboxing enabled

4) Click the X to close

Lightboxed image example

Supported file size

We do not recommend uploaded images to exceed 150 MB, which can cause slow loading times.

Supported image file types

We currently support the following file types:

jpg jpeg gif png svg

If you'd like to attach a file type that isn't listed here - get in touch via

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