DesignOps Island Discs - S01E01: Dave Malouf

Luke Murphy
Luke Murphy
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Defining DesignOps

Episode One of DesignOps Island Discs is here! To start with, we thought we'd go back to the beginning with one of the people responsible for coining the term 'DesignOps'. As well as literally co-writing the book on DesignOps, Dave has established DesignOps teams at places like Rackspace, HP and Digital Ocean, and currently leads DesignOps at Northwestern Mutual. He is also founder of the Interaction Design Association, a member-supported organisation dedicated to Interaction Design as a discipline.

Episode Notes

Dave Malouf, designer, author, educator and design leader, talks to us about his path to DesignOps, how we should be defining what DesignOps is and the dangers of automation around how "every tool is a weapon if you hold it right".

Next Episode: Harjot Bal on what it takes to run an effective DesignOps Audit.

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