DesignOps Island Discs - S01E02: Harjot Bal

Luke Murphy
Luke Murphy
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Running a DesignOps Audit

We're docking at port for episode two of DesignOps Island Disc (how long before I run out of nautical puns? I give it three weeks...), with Harjot Bal, Senior Manager of DesignOps and Design Systems at Appnovation, an awesome global digital innovation consultancy. As part of spinning up the DesignOps function at Appnovation, Harjot conducted a behemoth DesignOps Audit, which is a sight to behold, and spoke to us about his process, how he measured and some of the insights he gleaned.

Episode Notes

Harjot Bal, Senior Manager of DesignOps and Design Systems at Appnovation in Toronto, talks to us about his reasons for focussing his UX skills internally, his process for running a DesignOps audit, what he found out of running this at a global agency and how tooling is one of the most important things to look at for the future.

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