DesignOps Island Discs - S01E03: Meredith Black

Luke Murphy
Luke Murphy
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Hiring good DesignOps folks

We're mooring up in California for episode three of DesignOps Island Disc, with Meredith Black, DesignOps behemoth, author and speaker. For those who don't know Meredith Black, she literally (co-)wrote the book on DesignOps, and has built and led DesignOps teams at places like IDEO, Facebook and Pinterest. We sit down and have a chat with the most knowledgable and nicest person in DesignOps about what a good DesignOps hire looks like...

Episode Notes

Meredith Black, DesignOps consultant, co-founder of DesignOps Assembly and co-author of The DesignOps Handbook, and who has built and led DesignOps teams at Pinterest, Facebook and IDEO amongst others, talks to us about her journey to DesignOps, where to start when building your DesignOps function and what makes a good DesignOps hire.

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