DesignOps Island Discs - S01E04: Peter Merholz

Luke Murphy
Luke Murphy
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Designing your Design Org

This week, we're staying in port in California to talk to Peter Merholz, author, consultant and design leader, about what goes into designing the ideal design org within your company. Peter is best known for co-authoring the hugely influential Org Design for Design Orgs, and has led design teams at Groupon, Jawbone and OpenTable, as well as founding the UX consultancy Adaptive Path. To top it off, we have Peter to thank for the term 'blog'. We catch up with Peter to talk through what's changed since he and Kristin authored Org Design for Design Orgs, and some of the most pertinent things he's picked up over his years of building and adapting design teams within all kinds of organisations...

Episode Notes

Peter Merholz, co-author of Org Design for Design Orgs, consultant, conference speaker, podcaster and all-round great human being, talks to us about how his and Kristin's book was born, what's changed in the last five years, some red flags that your org isn't working and how the concept of org design fits within DesignOps.

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