DesignOps Island Discs - S01E05: Amy Hupe

Luke Murphy
Luke Murphy
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Building a contribution model for your Design System

This week we sail back across the Atlantic to chat to Amy Hupe, content designer and Design Systems expert, on what it takes to build a strong contribution model for your Design System. Amy was the Design System lead at both BT and Babylon Health, and was the content lead on the GOV.UK Design System with GDS, where she helped to establish their contribution model, which is often cited as one of the best in the industry. We talk through the commonalities between the systems Amy has worked on, why we should strive to make our contribution models inclusive and how the industry needs a bit of a shift to focus on human-centred Design Systems in the future. Let's set sail...

Episode Notes

Amy Hupe, content designer and design systems expert, who has been the driving force behind Design Systems at BT, Babylon Health and, talks to us about what goes into building a successful contribution model for your design system.

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