DesignOps Island Discs - S01E06: Henrique Gusso

Luke Murphy
Luke Murphy
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Building a Design Systems team

For the final episode of season one, we float up the Thames to talk to London-based designer, Henrique Gusso (or just Gusso to most people who know him). Gusso is Principal Product Designer on Design Systems at Wise, and has previously graced the stage of conferences like Config and Loupe. We talk through Gusso's journey to working with design systems, how a lead or principal differs when you're working with systems, the role of product management in DS teams and the need to standardise the things we work on. Let's set sail...

Episode Notes

Henrique Gusso, principal designer on Design Systems at Wise, talks to us about what goes into building an effective Design Systems team, from team make-up to product management to contribution models.

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