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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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Styleguide analytics – Hotjar

We are excited to announce that Enterprise customers can now connect to Hotjar to help understand the UX of their documentation site and gather in-context feedback from viewers.

Styleguide page with a Hotjar survey pop up window.

Improvements to links

You can now link to pages in your styleguide by searching for the page by name, no more copy and pasting links! You can also choose whether links and shortcut tiles open in a new tab by default.

Styleguide page that has the word buttons linked to the buttons styleguide page.

Link to a page by name

Improvements to comments

We've made a few general improvements to comments:

  • Comments now stay in line with the paragraph when the text they're attached to is deleted — no more floating to the top of the page!
  • You can also now comment on the page intro.
  • We've tweaked notification preferences to keep everyone in a thread updated with any replies.
  • You can link directly to a comment.

Small improvements and fixes

  • A11y: we've updated the toolbar to better reflect the header you are adding to the styleguide (h2 to h4).
  • See other updates in the changelog


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