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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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Display Figma variant properties

You can now automatically display properties below your Figma variants. This is useful for documenting how different variants should be used. Read how to set this up here.

Figma variants are displayed for components in zeroheight.

Accessibility improvements + image captions

We've made big improvements to the keyboard navigability of the styleguides, as well as how we tag things to make them better for screen readers. We updated some of our colour choices to make sure they are AA compliant. You can also add captions to images!

Change design upload notes size

You can now change the size your design uploads notes, applied across your whole styleguide. See how to change this here.

Design upload notes are shown with different sizes.

Copy and paste blocks

We've made it easier to copy and paste blocks between pages and styleguides!

Copy section function hovered over to copy typography styles in a design uploads.

Copy all content

We've also added the ability to copy whole pages and tabs of content.


All text in a styleguide page is highlighted to be copied.

Comments context

Comments now include the page name and the highlighted text. This should make it easier to understand the context of the comment even if the original text is deleted.

Page name and highlighted are included in comments.

Other updates and fixes

You can see our other improvements and fixes here.

Note for Adobe XD users: we have fixed the issue where components with shadows were shown stretched in the inspect window. There is no longer a need for a workaround.


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