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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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Adding SEO to your styleguide (beta)

You can now switch on SEO for your styleguide! All teams on Company and Enterprise plans can try the SEO beta which includes adding your own custom meta tags for title and description.

To enable the beta on your team, please send us an email at support@zeroheight.com. If you are proud of your design system and would like to feature on our showcase, please complete the form here 😊


Page introduction customization

You can now change the colour and size of the introduction, applied across your whole styleguide. Great for highlighting some key information at the top of each page. See how to change this here.

Page introduction with pink colored subheader text.

Search now includes notes

We've improved our internal search so that search now includes the notes you add to your design uploads (e.g. icon aliases). This means your users will be able to find things even more quickly!

A search result that shows the notes for design upload.

Compact shortcut tiles

Shortcut tiles will now resize if you leave the image, title or description blank. See more here.

Resized shortcut tile

Attachments now show image previews

Any image files you upload to zeroheight as an attachment now show a preview.

Attachment with image preview

Add your own storybook error messages

You can now add a warning to your Storybook previews to remind people to connect to your VPN. Useful for private or self-hosted Storybook as we continue to work from home!


Many other small improvements

Including new customization options, support for new file types and fixes for mobile. Plus – hide your styleguide name! See the full list here.


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