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Brienne Wong
Brienne Wong
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Tables improvements: resizing columns, text alignment and border controls

We've made some long-overdue improvements to our tables! You can now:

Gif showing a table column being resized.

We're planning more table improvements soon :)


Do's and Don'ts sync with designs

As well as images, you can now sync your designs with do's and don'ts. This should make it easier to keep them up-to-date!

Do's block

Invite viewers by email (Enterprise)

Enterprise teams can now invite viewers by email. Viewers will receive a private link which they can use to view the styleguide. This new authentication option can be used alongside the existing password-protection and SSO. Find out more about how this works here.

Invite editors by email function

Automatically collapse categories in the left sidebar

Toggle whether you want a category to default to open or closed in the left sidebar. Useful if you have a lot of pages!

Page setting menu showing the collapse categories by default function.

In other news

Tokens public beta

We're now inviting everyone to try the new tokens feature, after a few months of private beta. Give it a go and send your feedback to the forum or support!

Color style design tokens displayed using tokens 2.0.

Best practices guide

Learn some tips and tricks in our new best practices guide. This is a still a work-in-progress so we'd love your feedback about guides we should include in the future :)

Turn off the drop shadow in Do's and Don'ts

Toggle the shadow behind your images or design uploads in the Do's and Don'ts.

Reorder shortcut tiles

You can now drag shortcut tiles to re-order them!

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